How to Play Stremio on Apple TV in 2018

Are you unable to watch your favorite media content on Apple TV? Read our guide to solve your query instantly. Yes, you have assumed it perfectly. It means you can still watch all your favorite movies and TV shows available on Stremio through Apple TV.

Stremio and Apple TV both sound interesting to the media lovers because you can improve your streaming experience to new heights.

In order to play Stremio on Apple TV , you will have to go through our guide.

 Table of Contents

  1. What is Stremio?
  2. What is Apple TV?
  3. Adding Stremio to Apple TV
  4. AirPlay
  5. Stremio with AppleTV – Screen Mirroring Method


This is how you can play on Apple TV according to your own terms.


What is Stremio?

Stremio is an amazing online free media streaming resource that enables the users to watch their favorite video content. You can assume the media stuff in the form of movies, TV shows, and much more. Interestingly, Stremio offers media content of different premium services like Hulu, Netflix and others.

What is Stremio


How Stremio Works?

Stremio offers its free media library that includes famous TV shows and movies. However, the service provides media content with the help of its official and community add-ons. These Stremio add-ons use torrents and other sources.

In this scenario, you are bound to use Stremio VPN to protect your media browsing histories from your ISPs and copyright holders.


What is Apple TV?

Apple TV is an innovative media streaming player that allows you to watch video and audio content. Likewise, you can play your desired online games and use different apps through internet on your Apple TV.


Why Should I Use Apple TV?

You should opt Apple TV to fulfill your streaming desires to the next level. If you are wondering how to play Stremio on Apple TV, you should consider using Apple TV. Thus, you can enjoy streaming your favorite movies, TV shows and other stuff straightaway.


How Apple TV Works?

You can use Apple TV after plugging it into the HDMI port available on your TV. Furthermore, you should use the provided remote to follow the instructions that help you to connect to the internet. Likewise, you can use your preferred apps from anywhere.



How Can I Add Stremio to the Apple TV?

Unfortunately, you cannot install apps on Apple TV instantly. Still, you can add different apps like Kodi, Stremio and others on your iOS devices. However, you should not lose all your hopes. This is because you can opt AirPlay feature to play Stremio on Apple TV.

This is how you can watch your desired media content by streaming them on Apple TV.



Why AirPlay is necessary to Play Stremio on Apple TV

AirPlay is the last resort for all Stremio fans those who want to use the service on Apple TV. Yes, you have read it correctly. It means you can use AirPlay feature to watch all the latest Stremio content available on your iOS devices.


The said benefit enables the users to stream media content through Wi-Fi connection on their Apple TV.  It does not matter which type of content is available on your iPhone or iPad devices. The media stuff will be mirrored on the big screen of Apple TV.

Thus, you can watch your favorite movies or TV shows, play games and share photos too. The peer-to-peer AirPlay advantage allows your loved ones to connect to your Apple TV. Moreover, they can share their content on your Apple TV without connecting to your Wi-Fi network.


Playing Stremio with Apple TV through AirPlay Feature directly

The task of playing Stremio App on Apple TV does not need any rocket. Still, the Stremio followers need to use their common sense to achieve their Stremio streaming on Apple TV mission.

You can avail the AirPlay feature from your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to get Stremio working on Apple TV.


Before you get Stremio to play on Apple TV, you must make sure to install Stremio iOS app from the official Apple App Store. After downloading and installing the Stremio app on your iOS devices, you can use AirPlay feature to play Stremio through Apple TV.

Here is how you can AirPlay Stremio video content from your iOS devices directly to your Apple TV:

  • You must make sure to remain close to your Apple TV
  • Open the Stremio app that you wish to AirPlay
  • Tap screen mirroring icon>tap share icon>tap AirPlay
  • Choose your AirPlay device like Apple TV to start watching your preferred media stuff

Thus, you can watch all the latest content of Stremio app on Apple TV through AirPlay feature. If you do not see your Apple TV, you should connect your iOS device to the same Wi-Fi network on which your Apple TV is connected.



How to Play Stremio on Apple TV with Screen Mirroring

Interestingly, you can opt screen-mirroring method that allows you to download and work Stremio with Apple TV smoothly.

Here is how you can mirror the whole screen of your iOS device to your Apple TV:

  • You must remain close to your Apple TV
  • Through your iOS device, you should swipe up from the screen to open Control Center
  • From Control Center, tap screen mirroring and choose your Apple TV from the list
  • If you do not see your Apple TV, you should make sure to connect your iOS device to the same Wi-Fi network on which your Apple TV is connected
  • If you see an AirPlay passcode on your Apple TV screen, type the passcode on your iOS device

Hence, you are able to Play Stremio on your Apple TV through screen mirroring your iOS device to Apple TV.



How to Play Stremio on Apple TV Reddit

Reddit is one of the most sought interactive platforms where you can find solutions on how to make Stremio work with Apple TV queries straightaway. Here is the official response that suggests Stremio does not support the Apple TV officially at present.

However, you should keep your fingers crossed to witness Stremio official support for Apple TV in near future. Another response from the user indicated that you might find issues while playing Stremio on Apple TV.


Playing Stremio on Apple TV Twitter

When it comes to make Stremio working Apple TV, you should go through various interactive platforms. By doing so, you can get better idea about the notion “How to Play Stremio App on Apple TV” accordingly. Therefore, you should explore Twitter that allows you to attain neutral reviews about Stremio and Apple TV.

Here is the response of one Twitter follower asking about sideloading or playing Stremio app on Apple TV.


Wrapping Things Up

We hope you would appreciate our efforts in developing how to play Stremio on Apple TV guide. Hence, you are able to watch all your preferred media stuff like movies and TV shows hassle-free. Still, you need to use a Stremio VPN to secure your online privacy.

By doing so, you can bypass different issues such as ISP surveillance and copyright infringement from anywhere.

Want to add something to the story, share your suggestions in the comments section below.


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