How to Use Stremio on Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, iOS and FireStick

In this article, you are going to learn how to install and use Stremio on various platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Firestick and Linux. The Stremio fans can use Stremio to another level after installing best Stremio addons as well.

Table of Contents

  1. Stremio on Windows
  2. Stremio on Mac
  3. Stremio on Android
  4. Stremio on Linux
  5. Stremio on iOS
  6. Stremio on Roku
  7. Stremio on FireStick
  8. Stremio Addons


Stremio is one of those Kodi alternatives you can opt to accomplish your streaming cravings without any subscription. Yes, you have read it right. For media lovers those are trying their luck so hard to get the solution, they need to think out of their box. Read detailed review about Stremio for 2018.

Interestingly, you can take a big sigh of relief. This is because our guide on how to use Stremio will allow you to continue fulfilling your media desires.

How to Use Stremio

How to Use Stremio

When it comes to using Stremio on your desired devices like Windows and others, you have to create a Stremio account first. Luckily, the task of creating Stremio account is simple and does not take much of your time. You can use your Facebook ID or Google account to use Stremio straightaway.

How to Use Stremio on Windows


How to Use Stremio on Windows

What makes Stremio different from other free media streaming services is its compatibility on different platforms and devices. Fortunately, you can install Stremio on Windows and use it to access to your preferred movies or TV shows instantly.

Here is how you can do to achieve your installation objective:

  • From the Stremio official website, click the “Download Now Stremio 4 Beta” to begin the downloading process
  • After completing the downloading process, you should right click the app image file and choose properties
  • Through the Permission tab, you must check the box alongside Allow executing file as program

This is how you can use Stremio on Windows accordingly. Furthermore, you can select another method to use Stremio on Windows. From the above-described method of account creation, you can start watching media stuff on Windows in a moment.


Stremio on Windows – Second Method

Luckily, the Stremio fans have arrived at the right place since you can opt other method to use Stremio on Windows devices. Here is how you should do:

  • You should open a terminal then write the below mentioned command

“chmod a+x Desktop/Stremio+4.0.0.appimage”

However, you must make sure to remove quotation marks and swap the location path with the actual location with the app image file.


How to Use Stremio on Mac

The Stremio fans just need to follow the above-mentioned method in true letter and spirit. By doing so, you can enjoy unlimited dose of online media entertainment on your Mac devices instantly. Here is the list of steps you should follow:

  • Through the home page of Stremio official site, download the file to start the downloading process
  • Once you are done with downloading, right click the app image file and select properties
  • You should check the box beside Allow executing file as program from the permission tab

Hence, you can access to the media library of Stremio after creating Stremio account through your Facebook or Google ID.


How to Use Stremio on Android

Likewise, you can use Stremio on Android devices to watch all the latest TV shows or movies while on the go. There are two methods you can opt to install Stremio on Android devices. These are Stremio APK and Google Play Store methods. Here is how you should do:

  • Open your Android device>download Stremio APK
  • After downloading Stremio APK>Open Stremio APK to begin installing the file
  • Once you are done with the installation process>Open Stremio app on your Android device
  • You can sign up with your Google or Facebook ID to create Stremio account
  • After signing in, you can access to the home page of Stremio along with movies and TV shows library


Google Play Store Approach

  • After opening your Android device, go to the Google Play Store and search for Stremio
  • Once you have found the Stremio app on Google Play Store, click on it>Hit Install
  • You will have to create Stremio account through Facebook or Google ID
  • After account creation, you can access to the Stremio home page with movies and TV shows description

Stremio Android App on Google PlayStore


How to Use Stremio on Linux

Interestingly, you can use Stremio on Linux after installing the free media app on Linux devices. Here is the list of actions you should perform:

  • Download the Linux app from the official website
  • When you are done with downloading process, please make sure that the Appimage package is executable
  • Use this below described command

chmod +x Stremio+4.0.0.appimage

  • You can run Stremio app on your Linux device through the help of this above command
  • Install your desired Stremio add-ons to start watching your favorite TV shows or movies

This is how you can gain access to the media library of Stremio after creating Stremio account.

How to Use Stremio on Linux


How to Use Stremio on iOS

The Stremio followers can use Stremio on their iOS devices. In order to use Stremio, you will have to follow the below described steps that include:

  • Open your iOS device and go to the official iTunes App Store
  • Search for Stremio app from the menu, click on it
  • Press Install to complete the installation of Stremio app on your iOS device
  • You will need to create an account on Stremio by the help of your Facebook or Google ID

Hence, you can explore the home page of Stremio app on your iOS devices that includes movies and TV shows.

How to Use Stremio on iOS


How to Use Stremio on Roku

Finally, the wait is over. All the Stremio fans can watch their desired media content on Roku hassle-free. Yes, you have guessed it right. Roku allows the Stremio lovers to use screen-mirroring method to accomplish their media streaming desires through Stremio.

How to Use Stremio on Roku

Fortunately, you can use Stremio on Roku through Windows PC by opting screen-mirroring approach. In addition, you can also use Stremio with Roku through Android Smart TV very easily.

Check out a guide how to install and download Stremio for Roku.


How to Use Stremio on FireStick

You can use Stremio on your FireStick devices after installing Stremio app on Amazon FireStick. Thus, you are able to watch all your favorite media content in the form of movies, TV shows, and much more hassle-free.

Stremio on FireStick


How to Use Stremio Addons


The installation of famous Stremio add-ons allows you to watch movies and TV shows without any subscription and there is a big list of Stremio community addons with lots of lustrous attractions.

By doing so, you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows on different devices be it Windows, Mac, Android and others.

How to Use Stremio Addons


Wrapping Things Up

We expect you would like our guide on “How to Use Stremio” according to your own needs. Stremio is by far the best Kodi alternative that allows you to explore your preferred media content hassle-free. Likewise, you can watch movies, TV shows and much more from anywhere without anticipating any installation or troubleshooting issues.

Want to add something to the story, feel free to communicate with us through the comments section below.


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