11 Best Stremio Alternatives in 2018

Here are the top alternatives to Stremio for iOS, Android and other devices.

When it comes to watching your preferred media content, nothing comes close to Stremio. This is because the famous media streaming platform allows you to enjoy your desired movies, TV shows and much more hassle-free.

Alternative for Stremio – Index

  1. PlayBox HD
  2. Movie Box
  3. Popcorn Time
  4. Kodi
  5. Crackle
  6. Streaming Hub
  7. Sky HD
  8. Hulu
  9. CinemaBox
  10. ShowBox
  11. Media Portal

You can also download lots of Stremio addons for free and obtain your desired content. Yet there is a lot to explore. There is a whole world of media, content, streaming, and thing you can go for, with the use of various Stremio alternative apps.

There are a few caveats that do not allow you to use the free media platform such as Stremio.

As a result:

“You want to improve your streaming experience to the next level, but you do not know how”.

So, check out our guide on 11 Stremio alternative apps that suggests what other users are trying to achieve their streaming objective.

11 Best Stremio Alternatives in 2018

Luckily, you have different kinds of streaming options other than Stremio at your disposal. Yes, you have read it correctly. Here is the list of 11 best similar apps like Stremio that includes:

1. PlayBox HD

PlayBox HD - Stremio Alternatives

It would not be wrong to say that PlayBox HD is the replica of Stremio. The media-streaming app just works like Stremio and the only difference that makes it distinct from Stremio is its bluish theme. Moreover, PlayBox HD offers a comprehensive media library in HD format to its users.

The service is compatible with Android and iOS platforms that provide both Android and iOS users peace of mind straightaway.

Pros of PlayBox HD

  • The users can opt the app without any subscription
  • The users can enjoy streaming videos in HD quality

Cons of PlayBox HD

  • The users may anticipate buffering issues at times

2. Movie Box

Movie Box Substitute of Stremio

Movie Box is another Stremio alternative you should try if you want to watch movies or TV shows according to your own terms.  Furthermore, the app allows the users to explore their preferred media content in English and Russian languages too.

Pros of Movie Box

  • The users can find newest movie lineup on regular basis
  • The platform offers user-friendly interface

Cons of Movie Box

  • The users will have to bear watching trailer before accessing to the desired content every time

3. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time - Stremio Alternatives

Popcorn has turned out to be an attractive Stremio alternative in no time. This is because the media streaming service allows you to watch your favorite TV shows and movies on your desired devices hassle-free. The famous media server fetches media content from torrents to provide free streaming to users. You can also run Popcorn Time either with a free VPN or with a Stremio VPN service and continue to fulfill your media requirements.

Pros of Popcorn Time

  • The users do not need any kind of subscription to avail the service
  • The service is compatible with different operating systems like Windows, Linux, Android and iOS

Cons of Popcorn Time

  • The service may crash at times


Kodi as Alternative to Stremio

Kodi is one of the most used Stremio alternatives that offer tons of media content through its famous Kodi add-ons. These add-ons enable the users to watch their favorite movies, TV shows, documentaries and much more instantly. The users need to install Kodi add-ons first to continue enjoying comprehensive media library.

You should also read a detailed comparison of Stremio vs Kodi in order to review features of both of these apps thoroughly.

Pros of Kodi

  • The service provides media content that includes all genres like sports, entertainment, and others
  • The users do not need to subscribe for the service

Cons of Kodi

  • The installation process may become cumbersome for the users

5. Crackle

Crackle being Stremio Substitute

Crackle is another source you can try to watch all your favorite media stuff without facing any hassle. The users can enjoy streaming their preferred TV shows and movies on Android devices only.

Pros of Crackle

  • You can watch high quality media content all the time
  • The Smart TV connection support is available for the users

Cons of Crackle

  • The service only supports Android platform

6. Streaming Hub

Streaming Hub - Alternative for Stremio

Streaming Hub is another alternative to Stremio that provides wide variety of movies streaming option to the users. The service also allows you to take benefit from download options on your Android devices.

Pros of Streaming Hub

  • The service enables the users to share movies links with other users
  • The users can download complete videos of their favorite movies

Cons of Streaming Hub

  • The users may have to experience low quality videos at times

7. Sky HD

Sky HD Stremio Alternative

Sky HD is another Stremio substitute you can try to accomplish your streaming desires. The service offers high quality videos to the users however; they will have to the price for the product.

Pros of Sky HD

  • The users can enjoy a comprehensive media library that includes movies and TV shows
  • The users will experience videos streaming of immense quality

Cons of Sky HD

  • The service is not available free to the users

8. Hulu

Hulu for Stremio Alternative

Hulu is another Stremio alternative that allows you to watch your desired TV shows and movies hassle-free. Still, the users have to pay the monthly subscription fee to continue watching the latest media content on their preferred devices.

Pros of Hulu

  • The service provides a huge list of movies and TV shows to the subscribers
  • The service is compatible with devices like Chromecast too

Cons of Hulu

  • The users may face buffering issues at times

9. CinemaBox

CinemaBox for Stremio Alternatives

CinemaBox is one of the better Stremio alternatives because you can watch movies and TV shows straightaway. The service offers a wealth of nifty features to the users without any subscription.

Pros of CinemaBox

  • You can enjoy streaming high quality videos
  • The service is compatible with the list of different platforms

Cons of CinemaBox

  • The official app is not available on Google Play

10. ShowBox

ShowBox for Stremio Alternative

ShowBox has all the right reasons to be included in the list of best Stremio alternatives. This is because the famous media-streaming app allows you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows in no time. Moreover, you can experience all the media content and other features without subscribing at all.

Pros of ShowBox

  • The popular streaming app is compatible with all the major platforms
  • The service does not need users’ subscription

Cons of ShowBox

  • The users have to download the app from third party websites

11. Media Portal

Stremio Alternative Media Portal

Media Portal is surely a blessing in disguise for fans those who love to watch live coverage. Yes, you have read it right. The platform enables you to watch the live coverage and at the same time, you can record the live coverage too. The service offers both freemium and premium versions to the users.

Pros of Media Portal

  • The service is compatible with all the major platforms and devices
  • The users can enjoy listening to their favorite music files

Cons of Media Portal

  • The service does not offer streaming of recorded TV shows and movies

Wrapping Things Up

We expect you would like our guide on 11 Best Stremio Alternative in 2018. Through the alternatives listed above, you can satisfy your streaming cravings to the next level. Thus, you can find ways to watch your desired media content if you are unable to use Stremio instantly.

Want to add something to the story, feel free to share your feedback in the comments section below.

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