How to Install Stremio on Android Devices

Learn how to download and install Stremio for Android devices including Android TV.

In this guide, we’re going to walk you through detailed steps on bringing Stremio APK into work. This includes your Android Phones, Android TV, and Android Boxes.

Once you install Stremio, you can install best Stremio add-ons for free viewing of copyright materials i.e. Movies and TV Shows. Be sure to get a Stremio VPN before viewing free copyright material.

Table of Contents

    1. How to Install Stremio for Android Phone?
    2. Stremio APK Download Method
    3. Google Play Store Method
    4. Stremio on Android TV – Download and Setup Guide
    5. How to Use Stremio
    6. Customize Stremio
    7. Conclusion


This past year, Stremio gained a huge popularity when Kodi and Plex became less popular as streaming options. Although Stremio has a long walk ahead, it manages to gauge people’s attention due to its user-friendly app for all platforms. The installation process of Stremio for Windows, Android and for all major platforms is amazingly simple.

Stremio for Android


How to Install Stremio for Android Phone

There are two ways you can install Stremio for Android phone i.e. Stremio APK download method or through Google Play Store. In this guide, we will discuss both methods so you can download whichever method you prefer.


Stremio APK Download Method

Step 1: Open your Android Phone > Download Stremio APK

Step 2: Once the download is completed, open the Stremio APK file > Stremio installation will start

Step 3: Once the installation ends, open Stremio app

Step 4: It will ask you to Sign in to Stremio with either Facebook, Guest, or create an account

Step 5: After you are logged in, Stremio Home Page will appear with Movies and TV Shows

Step 6: Now you need to install Stremio add-ons to stream Movies and TV Series for free.


Google Play Store Method

Step 1: Open your Android Phone > Click on Google Play Store from the menu

Step 2: Search for Stremio

Step 3: When you find the Stremio app click on it > Then press Install

Step 4: Once the installation is completed, Open Stremio app

Step 5: It will ask you to create a Stremio account or either log in from your Facebook account

Step 6: You can also click on Guest Sign in for anonymous users

Step 7: Once you have set up an account Stremio Home Page will open with various Movies and TV Series posters

Step 8: Now you need to install Stremio add-ons to play the latest media content without any subscription fee.


Stremio on Android TV – Download and Setup Guide

Step 1: Open your latest Android TV set > Go to Apps

Step 2: Click on the Google Play Store. Every new Android TV sets have Google Play Store

Step 3: Search for Stremio

Step 4: Hit Install

Step 5: Open Stremio app once it is installed

Step 6: Log in to Stremio as a Gues > Install Stremio add-ons > Enjoy free streaming!

Stremio on Android Box

Step 1: Connect your Android Box with your TV > Then go to Apps

Step 2: Tap on the Browser or Google Chrome

Step 3: Copy/Paste the URL onto the web address

Step 4: A box will appear that will ask where you need to open the file, click on Just Once

Step 5: It will download your APK

Step 6: Once the APK is installed, go back to Android Box Home > Then select Apps section again

Step 7: Select AppInstaller from the list

Step 8: A message box will appear that will ask you to choose the device to scan APKs > Select Local Disk

Step 9: It will show you the downloaded Stremio APK > Click on it

Step 10: Now tap on the Install button located at the bottom

Step 11: Click Open once the installation is completed > Enjoy streaming with Stremio!


How to Use Stremio on Android

On Android devices, first you need to create a Stremio account. You can make Stremio account for free via Facebook ID or you can create using Google account. However, Stremio does encourage users in using Stremio with a Guest account which does not require you to create an account.

Once you head to Stremio Home, you will find many latest Movies and TV Series lined up for streaming. However, it will ask you to pay for its subscription because it streams directly from Amazon Prime and other streaming services. We do not need to stream Movies and TV Series via subscription when you can stream it for free.

With third-party Stremio add-ons, you can stream free copyright materials. The installation process for Stremio third-party add-ons is easy that can be done within 5-minutes of your time. Once installed, you’re good to stream.


Customize Stremio

There is a reason why we call Stremio, the new Kodi. You can customize content, themes, and language while making your Stremio device new again. Once you’re logged in on Stremio you can customize the following features:


Media Content

When the first time you log in to Stremio, three categories will appear before your screen i.e. Movies, TV Series, and Live TV, or you can choose from the list according to your liking. It will show recommendation according to your selection. As you watch more videos, it will continue to provide you with recommendations.



Change language on Stremio by clicking on the Settings icon in the top-right corner > Under the ‘Hardware-accelerated decoding’ option you will find a box that will have nothing in it, so click on it > Then select your preferred language. It will automatically change to your desired language.



Stremio doesn’t have a large selection of Skins as Kodi does, but it offers a small selection for Stremio users. To change the theme, click on the Settings icon > Below the language box, select the theme section and choose your desired Stremio theme.


Stremio for Android: Conclusion

Stremio open-source software is available for all platforms including Android. In this guide, we presented a detailed outline of how to install Stremio for Android Phones, Android TV, and Android Boxes. Stremio is moving top of the ladder in achieving a greater popularity as it was once belonged to Kodi.


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