Stremio Community Add-ons in 2018

Have you tried different streaming options to fulfill your media cravings?

Still, you are unable to watch your favorite media content be it movies, TV shows and others.

If this is the case,

Then you should try Stremio, an excellent streaming service that offers free media content to the users hassle-free. Stremio is another option you can opt in place of Kodi and other open source media streaming platforms. There is a big number of Stremio Addons available to add value to your Stremio experience and the list is growing with the day.

Through our guide, you will be able to use different Stremio community add-ons to watch all the latest TV shows, movies and much more.


Why do you need a VPN for Stremio?

The Stremio add-ons enable the users to access geo-restricted content from anywhere. However, not all the things are rosy with the Stremio community add-ons. This is because you need to connect to Stremio VPN to unblock region blocked content.

Thus, you are able to spoof your online locations from your ISPs. By doing so, you can use Stremio community add-ons as per your own needs. Furthermore, you can watch copyrighted content through a VPN for Stremio since it protects your online privacy from copyright holders.


Stremio Add-ons Types

The best thing about Stremio is its semi-source open platform feature. Thus, Stremio offers other users an exciting opportunity to develop their own add-ons. In addition, they can host these add-ons under the name of community add-ons.

On the other hand, Stremio is responsible for hosting its own add-ons. The users may call these add-ons as Stremio official add-ons.

Stremio Addons Types


Stremio Community Add-ons List

Stremio allows the users to fulfill their streaming needs by accessing to different Stremio community add-ons. The community members of Stremio can develop and host their own add-ons. Thus, they can access to new video content on a regular basis.

Stremio Community Addons

Here is the list of Stremio community add-ons that consists of:

  • DTube
  • Juan Carlos 2
  • PirateBay
  • Popcorn Time
  • Vodo



Dtube for Community addon Stremio

DTube is a new add-on that follows the concept of steem block chain. The users can assume this Stremio community add-on as a decentralized version of YouTube.


Juan Carlos 2

Juan Carlos 2 is another community add-on you can opt to watch movies and TV shows. It is the enhanced version of an original Juan Carlos add-on.



Pirate Bay Addon Stremio

The Pirate Bay community add-on allows you to watch all your favorite media content through Pirate Bay torrent straightaway. Hence, you are able to watch different genres of media stuff like documentaries, anime, and so on.


Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time for Stremio addon Community

Popcorn Time is also included in the list of Stremio community add-ons that allow the users to watch their preferred media content instantly. It means you can watch your desired TV shows or movies directly from torrent websites such as EZTV and YTS.

Twitch-TV is another community add-on for Stremio you can use for watching sports content from anywhere. In addition, the add-on enables the users to watch live IPTV channels for accessing live coverage of sporting events.



Vodo for Stremio Community addon

Vodo belongs to the category of Stremio community add-on since it offers free media content that includes movies and TV shows. Furthermore, the users can experience its free innovative Indie Movie feature to watch independent movies instantly.


Stremio Community Add-ons Reddit

Reddit is one of the most popular interactive platforms where you can find Stremio fans in huge number. Here is the response of PirateBay add-on develop suggesting the add-on is working fine on Android platform.

Likewise, you can find another response of a Reddit user who needs a tutorial to install Stremio community add-on.

Community Addons Stremio


Stremio Community Add-ons Twitter

Twitter is another interactive platform like Reddit where different users interact with each other. Hence, they are able to get the solutions of all their Stremio common issues in a timely manner. Here is the response of one Twitter user indicating the need of other Stremio add-ons.

Likewise, you can consider another response that is asking about Stremio add-ons for iOS platform.


Final Thoughts

We hope you would appreciate our exclusive Stremio community add-ons guide. Stremio is the one stop solution since it answers all your streaming related queries straightaway. From the above explained community add-ons for Stremio, you can enhance your media viewing experience to new heights.

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