Stremio on Roku – Installation and Setup Guide

A troubling thought is not actually troubling.

You are trying your level best to watch all your desired media stuff seeking Stremio for Roku. However, you are unable to achieve your objective since Roku does not allow you to use it with Stremio.

If you are facing the said issue then you have arrived at the right place. Through our guide, we will let you know how to install Stremio on Roku and watch your favorite movies and much more hassle-free.

 Table of Contents

  1. What is Stremio?
  2. What is Roku?
  3. How to Download Stremio?
  4. How to Use Stremio with Roku?


What is Stremio?

Stremio is an impressive online media streaming service that allows you to watch your favorite content from anywhere. Likewise, the famous Kodi alternative enables the users to access to the premium video content of different services without any subscription. These popular online media services include Netflix, Hulu, and others.


How Stremio Works

Stremio follows the concept of other free streaming services like Kodi in true letter and spirit. The Stremio fans can access to official and community add-ons to watch their preferred media stuff instantly. The community add-ons fetch content from torrents and other sources.

Thus, you should use a VPN for Stremio to secure your online privacy. Furthermore, you can spoof your online locations from ISPs and copyright holders. This way, you will not find yourself in the hot waters of legal troubles.

Stremio Homepage on Roku


Why Should I Use Stremio?

Stremio is a one-stop solution since it offers all the latest media content under one roof. Yes, you have read it correctly. The prominent media server allows you to access different sorts of content be it movies, music, and much more.

In addition, you can explore our extensive guide on best Stremio add-ons to fulfill your streaming desires.

Stremio Compatibility With Windows, Android and others


What is Roku?

Roku just works like an Apple TV and it looks like a set-top box. Through the box, you are able to explore media content library of distinct media services such as Hulu, Amazon, Netflix and others. After connecting Roku to your preferred Wi-Fi internet connection, you can start watching your favorite movies and other media content.

Still, you will need to subscribe first in order to access media library on Roku hassle-free.

What is Roku?


Why Should I Opt Roku?

You should opt Roku to accomplish your streaming cravings according to your own terms. This is because you do not need to search any other streaming option once you can access to Roku. With the help of this amazing streaming set-top box, you can improve your media desires to new heights.


How Roku Works?

Interestingly, the users can take huge benefit of Roku straightaway. Here is how you can setup Roku on your desired devices:

  • Plugin Roku device on your TV
  • Connect your Roku device to Wi-Fi internet connection
  • You can now launch your Roku device on your TV instantly


How Can I Download Stremio on Roku?

Surprisingly, Roku does not allow the Stremio fans to install Stremio app on its device. Stremio uses its third party community add-ons to provide media content to the users. Therefore, Roku does not support the users to watch media content with unofficial or third party add-ons.

Still no worries!

Take a deep breath and let us guide you!

Yes, now you can opt screen-mirroring approach to install Stremio App on Roku accordingly.

You can use Windows and Android devices to use Stremio with Roku from anywhere without any problem.


How to Get Stremio on Roku through Windows PC

You can setup Stremio Player on Roku even with a Windows PC.

It is a no brainer task and you can can complete it within minutes.

Here is the list of steps you can follow:

  • After opening your system, click on Start menu
  • You should write Device Settings on Windows search bar
  • Choose Add Device option to add new device
  • Select Roku 3 as your streaming device from the list

After following all the above-mentioned steps in the prescribed manner, you can easily install Stremio on your Roku and start enjoying your favorite content.

Stremio on Roku with Windows PC


Getting Stremio for Roku through Android Smart-TV

You can install Stremio on Roku with the help of Android TV as well. Here is how you can do to attain your installation objective:

  • Head towards Roku 3 home and press home button
  • From Settings>System Updates to make sure you have added Roku Software build 5.2 or updated version
  • Go to Settings>Choose Screen Mirroring
  • Click on Enable Screen Mirroring option>Click OK


After following the above-described steps accordingly, you are ready to align both Stremio and Roku together.

This is how you can watch your media content be it movies, TV shows, music and much more.

Stremio on Android Smart TV


How to Use Stremio on Roku

Once you are done with the installation process of Stremio, you can use Stremio Player with Roku straightaway. Here is how you can use Stremio and Roku together with Windows and Android Smart TV devices:

  • Connect your Windows or Android device on the same network on which your Roku device is connected
  • Install Stremio on Roku by following the steps shown above
  • Turn on the Screen Mirroring option by opening Roku device>Settings>System>Screen Mirroring>Enable Screen Mirroring
  • Make sure not to turn off your Roku device during the whole process
  • You can setup screen mirroring on Android smart TV by going to Settings>Click on Display /Network/Cast or Connection>Choose streaming device Roku> Turn on Stremio app
  • You can also setup screen mirroring on Windows by searching Device Manager on Control Panel or Search Bar
  • Go to Project>Add a Wireless Display>Choose Roku 3>Open Stremio App


Final Thoughts

Stremio and Roku both make an eye-catching and jaw dropping combination. This is because you can access to your preferred media content instantly. However, first you would have to install Stremio as Roku does not allow the users to watch media stuff from third party add-ons.

We expect you would appreciate our Stremio on Roku installation guide. Still, you will need to use a Stremio VPN to protect your online media streaming activities. Moreover, you will need to use a VPN for Roku to circumvent region-blocking issues on Roku.

Want to add something to the story; you can share your feedback in the comments section below.

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