Stremio vs Kodi: Is Stremio the New Kodi?

There is a long and overdue speculation if Stremio is the new Kodi. A streaming device that is fit to replace Kodi in all aspects. Kodi has stood a free open-source media player for so long, but it is soon falling apart due to the continuous shutdown of third-party add-ons. Whereas Stremio Addons are to continuously including to the club. We examine Stremio vs Kodi on five different aspects to judge whether Stremio is capable of becoming the new streaming giant by replacing Kodi altogether.

Table Of Contents

  1. What is Kodi?
  2. What is Stremio?
  3. Difference Between Stremio and Kodi
  4. Repositories
  5. Threat of Addon Shutdown
  6. Buffering Issues
  7. Extracting Links from Torrent Websites
  8. Security Vulnerability
  9. Streaming Quality

What is Kodi?

What is Kodi

Kodi is an open-source free media center software application that allows you to access content from many different sources. You need to install Kodi add-ons (official and unofficial) to play a video content of your choice. t shows Movies, TV Shows, Live Sports, and so much more on any device. But before streaming on Kodi, make sure to use the Kodi VPN to make yourself Anonymous and Safe while streaming.

What is Stremio?

What is Stremio

Stremio is a digital media player that also requires an add-on to stream free copyright material. With Stremio, you can watch and organize any type of video content including Movies, TV Shows, or Live Television, on any device. Read a detailed review about Stremio and explore more about the service. Stremio fetches content from Bit Torrent, and therefore your IP address is publicly displayed unless you get a Stremio VPN.

Difference Between Stremio and Kodi

We have outlined five different aspects on the basis of which we could compare the two streaming giants i.e. Stremio and Kodi. Comparing the two media players will help you make a choice on which streaming service has better features to offer than it counterpart.

1. Repositories

Kodi add-ons are found in a repository bundled-up in various categories i.e. Video Add-ons, Program Add-ons, and Music add-ons. Repositories are a collection of Kodi add-ons (official and unofficial) that allows Kodi users to choose whichever they would like to install.

The main purpose of a repository is to provide viewers with an experience of using many different Kodi add-ons. Some add-ons bring you Live IPTV channels, while others bring you Movies, TV Shows, or Live Sports. However, that is not the case with Stremio.

On the other hand, Stremio doesn’t have any repositories. Stremio add-ons can be installed directly onto Stremio software without dealing with lengthy installation process. It is more of bringing you with Movies and TV Shows instead of Live IPTV Channels, so it does not have different categories of Program add-ons, Stremio community add-ons, Music add-ons etc. It has only a few add-ons that does not require repositories.

2. Threat of Addon Shutdown

As we have seen it in the past, there is a greater threat of Kodi add-ons shutdown. This is mainly because Kodi add-ons are developed by independent developers with no real team or backup that could fund the program and resist against the copyright holders.

Kodi add-on developers create a Repository URL where they would store their repository zip files. These URLs can be easily shutdown with the help of law enforcements. Therefore, add-ons are vulnerable to shutdown and requires no less cost to develop it again.

Stremio, has the least threat of add-on shutdown. It is because Stremio is not dependent on independent developers, but it fetches data directly from Torrent websites. If only the entire Torrent website gets lockdown only then, Stremio add-ons would stop working, and that is least likely to happen as we have seen so far. There is little bridge between Stremio and the video content, and that is one of the best strength of Stremio.

3. Buffering Issues

Kodi Buffering Issues

Kodi is a much bigger media center than Stremio, and that is true for the most part. However, this can also be viewed as a disadvantage on Kodi’s end. Upon streaming various content, a slack is developed while streaming video content.

These slacks creates problem when a video is streamed as it causes buffering to occur. This is why Kodi has a separate section for Program add-ons to remove cache and clear buffering issues, which normally doesn’t do anything and Kodi users still face Kodi buffering issues.

Stremio Buffering Issues

Stremio is not as powerful as Kodi, and that is why zero slack is developed when stream video content. Therefore, you will find no Stremio buffering issues when streaming any content. Watching Movies or TV Shows in Stremio is like watching a video in YouTube, unless you have a poor internet connection.

4. Extracting Links from Torrent Websites

In both Kodi and Stremio, video content streams are fetched from Torrent websites. However, Kodi has a slight edge over Stremio because it fetches link from many different Torrent websites. Stremio on the other hand streams from Bit Torrent. It has separate add-ons that streams from a particular Torrent website.

In Kodi and Stremio both, whenever you stream any video content on Torrent, your IP is publicly displayed. Whenever that happens, your online activity becomes unsafe and that is when you require either a Kodi VPN or a Stremio VPN.

5. Security Vulnerability

Kodi has a significant security vulnerability. When you install Kodi add-ons, you don’t normally know what’s inside a repository that you’re installing other than add-ons. You’re blindly trusting the independent developer with all your online data. There’s a strong possibility that there is a bug snooping along with add-ons.

Stremio is less likely to get affected by viruses or malware because it doesn’t require you to install the Zip File, but only its video plugin. These add-ons are offered by the Torrent websites and is less likely to spread malware.

Streaming Quality

Stremio add-on strictly offers HD streaming quality. It would not air any video content which is below HD content and that is what attracts most internet users. It fetches only those movies from Torrent websites that have HD quality content, otherwise it wouldn’t fetch any content.

There are specific add-ons in Kodi that offers HD content, otherwise these add-ons would stream SD content. However, it is hard to deny that Kodi add-ons fetches various streams to choose from. You can stream and link that provides best quality.

The Wrap Up

The differences between Stremio vs Kodi described above might have cleared a lot of concepts about the two streaming service. Whether Stremio is the new Kodi or not, you have to decide it  yourself. However, we believe that Stremio has come forth as a perfect alternate to Kodi that has absolute potential. But the road is long ahead and Stremio needs to come up with various features to beat Kodi in all aspects.

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